No boys allowed, Queen of the Peak surf competition in beautiful Tofino


karenjess has partnered up with the all girls surf competition “Queen of the Peak” in beautiful Tofino for the second year. Karen beach combed a beautiful shell from Cox Bay, which was casted in sterling silver and bronze and then finished with turquoise patina to create these one of a kind trophy necklaces!

“Trophies have got to be one of the gaudiest, tackiest items in existence…most end up (hopefully) in an old shoebox crammed the back of a closet, or worst case, offensively collecting dust on the mantle, begging for attention.

When Karen and Heather Hendry of karenjess jewelry approached us with their gorgeous seashell necklaces, we jumped on their idea of using them as trophies for the top competitors. It made perfect sense; a pretty, girly trophy that’s not only a prize, but also a kickass piece of jewelry. Cast from shells found on Tofino’s beaches, the pendants are a subtle reminder of a huge accomplishment and a ridiculously fun weekend. Plus, anytime someone compliments you on your beautiful necklace it’s an open invitation to bragging rights!”

- Krissy Montgomery, Surf Sister Surf School