Shell Out For Ecuador


Help us turn our passion to purpose.

Karen and I have been inspired to take action and come together as a community for the women of Ecuador through Project Empowerment.

How? Raise $3,000 in 3 months, giving as little as $1 a day.

Why? Make a long-lasting impact on villages in Ecuador through programs, including school, income, skills and women’s groups.

And… if we successfully raise the $3,000, we will be entered to win a trip to Ecuador to see firsthand where our donations are going and the impact on these woman. Can you imagine working alongside the Kichwa people and Free the Children to build infrastructure such as schools?! One can dream!

karenjess is gifting the first 30 donors a custom shell necklace or ring from Ecuador (thank you Derek for the shells) and a chance to come with us, if/when we win!

Just let us know why this opportunity empowers you and please share our donation page far and wide!

Please visit our donation page and watch a video that will bring the entire project to life.

Heather & Karen xo